Showing Up For Myself

Showing Up For Myself | Thoughts and Inspiration on Mooseymares

Being myself feels like a quest of a lifetime.

Loving myself.
Staying true to myself.
Showing up for myself.
Standing up for myself.

It’s one of the hardest things to do—shining my own light in a world that keeps trying to shove me into a box and close it tight. I may not stand out. I may not be myself. Being me is wrong. My whole existence is wrong. Not normal.

I’ve failed so many times. I didn’t stand up for myself. I did not speak up. I’ve been afraid. I still am at times.

And that’s okay.

I’m learning. I’ve never loved myself like this before.

I often fail to look back and recognize how far I’ve come. Despite the fear and hesitation. I did do a lot of things to make sure that my light doesn’t fade into the grey thick fog or gets boxed up forever.

I am brave.

I am incredibly grateful for all the blessings in my life and all the people I’ve met who showed me kindness and provided support. On this journey of mine.

I am so powerful.

I couldn’t see it before. So strong and powerful that it’s almost hard to believe. A side of me that has been locked away inside me. Crucial to make me whole. Now becoming free.

Exploring the depths of me.
So incredibly beautiful.


Healing | Poetry on Mooseymares


When had it begun?

With my first breath?
After the first hit?
Realization of how wrong it all was?
Or was it written?

Woven by destiny.

A child will be born.
One day.
To end the pain.
To cleanse the blood.

Fated to remember.

Let the hatred fade.
Screams to cease.
Tears to dry.




Seeing beauty.
Finding joy.
Savouring the moment.
Embracing life.

Pearl Eyes

Pearl Eyes | Poetry on Mooseymares

I wash my hands at the sink.
And I look up.

Those eyes…
Looking back at me.

I trace my face with my gaze.
It looks so surreal.

So good.
So damn good.

The feeling…
I can’t explain.

On the edge…
At the doorstep of something amazing.

A new life awaits.
I can almost touch it.

So strong.
So powerful.

It’s kind of scary.
Yet so exciting.

Am I finally truly free?
Truly me.

I walk out of the bathroom.
I turn the light off.

The door remains open.
The old chapter is closing.

Still so much to discover, to explore.
I am ready.



Life Is…

Life is…

…too short to not…

Give up caring what others think.
Stop worrying about things that don’t matter.
Stop doing what you hate.
Let go of fear.
End conformity and let your true self shine.

…too fragile to not…

Cherish every moment.
Savour the essence of life.
Allow love to enter your body and soul.
Stand tall for yourself and others.
Fight for what truly matters.

…too precious to not…

Open your eyes to the truth.
Feel joy even when facing pain and suffering.
Clear your heart of hatred.
Be kind.

P.S. Life always finds a way.

You Are (,) My Love

You Are (,) My Love | Poetry on Mooseymares

Do not downplay your strength.
Look back.
Look at how far you’ve come.
I know.
For someone as strong as you.
All of this.
Feels like nothing.
But if you look at yourself.
Through different eyes.
From afar.

The mountains you’ve climbed.
Stormy waters you’ve braved.
Darkest caves you’ve explored.
You dove so deep into the ocean.
Walked through the thickest woods.
Survived and endured so much.

It’s not nothing.
It’s everything.
All that you’re made of.
More is yet to come.
No one knows what.
But they know.
And so should you.
You’re incredible.
So it doesn’t matter what happens.

There’s not a thing in the world.
Not one.
To stop you.
To crush you.
To bring you down.
Not permanently.
Even if that happens.
You will stand up again.
Just how strong are you.
How beautiful.
You are (,) my love.

Into One

Into One | Poetry on Mooseymares

You and I were meant to meet.
I didn’t think we would.
Not again.

We got separated a long time ago.
I left you behind.
Thinking I was better off without you.

You and I were meant to heal.
So we could make each other whole again.
Regain our powers.

We both had our weaknesses and strengths.
You never knew what I would do.
I did not believe you could too.

You and I were meant to be.
To become, to merge.
Into one.

Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf | Poetry on Mooseymares

I want to save you from the big bad wolf.
And maybe I could.
But I can’t save you from yourself.

He’s coming.
He’s coming for you.
There’s nothing you can do.

You could come to me.
Take my hand.
I’d take you to a safe place.

Teach you to see your worth.
Show you what true love is.
And how beautiful and strong you are.

But you’re too smitten.
He’s in control.
Of your body, heart and soul.

All I can do is watch.
Walk away.
Leave you.

He knows I’m there.
Doesn’t mind my gaze.
He’d love to eat me too.

I feel the allure.
It’s so strong.
But so am I.

I allow to be taken, and I do not.
Because, believe it or not.
It’s truly my rules.

My Time To Rule

My Time To Rule | Poetry on Mooseymares

I knew you knew you were in trouble when you first saw me.
But it was easier to act like it’s just another round in your game.
Like I’m just another toy in your collection.
I know I let my mind go wild and maybe I got a little obsessed.
You’re the king; a magnetic pull I could not resist.
Oh, but I remember that I too am a royalty, and one of a kind.
You’d love to have a taste, but you’re trying to resist.
The game just feels too good.
But I don’t want to play too long without the grand reveal.
Waiting is dangerous.
I feel my power rising and I know I can have what I want.
You’re not the only one who’d love to be in my presence.
I might need just one, only one.
But I don’t have to limit myself.
It’s my time to rule.

Honoring My Soul

Honoring My Soul | Poetry on Mooseymares

I’m afraid.
In pain.
Letting myself down.
Over and over again.
Hiding pieces of me.
Staying silent.
Living in someone else’s fantasy.
Of me.
Of who, what and how I am.
Allowing it all to happen.

The bitter truth.
There’s nobody else to blame.
Just me.
I can’t control others.
But I can stop participating.
In this wretched illusion.
Like a double life.
Stuck in the past.
Replaying scenes that are long gone.
And will never return.

Everything’s so different now.
But they can’t see it.
They refuse to.
Thinking I’ve thrown myself into the trash.
Yet that can’t be further from reality.
Even if I’m disappointed in myself for not speaking up.
Afraid to hurt them.
To be rejected, shamed, insulted.
I’ve still done what I had to.
I keep walking forward.
Showing up for myself.

It would be easier if they were gone from my life.
But I’ll have to face my fears.
It all.
Show what I’m made of.
And love myself deeply.
Let go.
I’m honoring my soul.