Ocean Of Life

Life goes forward.
Rolls down upon the shores like an ocean wave.
Sometimes gently, sometimes with force.
And when you are caught in a current,
It either sucks you in or spits you out.
Sometimes it will be a good thing, sometimes not so much.
But how many people will you lose during this adventure?
Some will cling to you and some will let you go.
Or even worse—some will get rid of you, mercilessly.
But all of them will leave something behind inside of you.
It can be a warm memory, a feeling, a painful wound, or a scar.
And you will do the same.


It’s heavy to carry, this pain.
Clutching the body.
Breathing provides only little relief.
And there’s nothing to be done.
Just wait.

It’s hopeless at the time.
Mission impossible, it seems.
Nothing to hold onto.
No one to turn to, to take it all away.
Just breathe.

It’s daunting, totally haunting.
Engulfing in shadows.
Hiding away, not to be seen.
The light hurts the eyes, but it’s also warm.
Just feel.


My heart got divided between two lands.
One cool and breezy, with amber instead of gold.
The other—hot and vibrant, healing to my soul.

Away from cold winters, I lived in bliss.
Warm and well fed with flavors of the world.
I’ve made a home there, thinking never to return.

But echoes came from the so familiar woods.
A call from the wild trees and beautiful meadows.
Hearth built in my dreams emerged from the shadows.

Piercing the cloudy skies, a white bird carried me back.
With little answers and few goodbyes I was gone.
A hearth in my heart; I’ll never rest until it’s done.

What Gives Life Meaning?

What is it that gives life meaning? A purpose. Brings happiness.

Is it that big fancy house? That promotion? Shiny new wheels in your garage? That hot date on a Friday night? Those branded clothes and accessories you spent your whole month’s paycheck on?

Or is it something else?

Meaning can be found in just about anything, if you want to.

If you stay asleep. Drug yourself. Talk yourself into it. Lie to yourself. Make yourself believe that it’s all you’ve ever wanted.

Or were you gently rocked into it? Since the day you were born.

What is it that gives life meaning?

When you can no longer stay asleep.

When your gaze can’t stop at the veil, but always wanders beyond it.

When everything around you becomes background noise.

And someone else speaks to you from within.

Your soul.

Into Silence

I’ve traveled far, through time and space.

Eager to escape, to disappear without a trace.

I’ve fallen asleep, then awoke again.

My dreams laid a path, through an invisible plain.

I’ve followed the stars, shining in the sky.

Stumbled on rocks, until I was ready to fly.

I’ve lost myself, drowning in noise.

Then stepped into silence, by making a choice.

I’ve let go of my chains, holding me tight.

Nothing else mattered, it felt so right.

I’ve forgotten already, the howls of the wind.

The sound of rain, falling on my window sill.

I’ve descended, through grey gloomy clouds above.

Enjoying the cold air, again I walk the lands I love.

My Darkness

My darkness calls out to me once more.

Nonthreatening, it reaches out to me.

Come back to me.

Engulfing all I know with the darkest shadows of my soul.

I raise my eyes from the map I’ve been following and look around.

This is it.

Embracing me.

This is not the way I am supposed to go.

It’s set ablaze.

Turned into ashes.

So foreign.

The road is left behind.

Death comes.

I fade to black.

I take its hand.

We are one again.

Your Most Powerful Weapon

Society seems to be designed a certain way. You and I must follow the rules or endure judgement and exclusion. At best.

But why is it that we cannot stray from the perfectly painted lines? Why must our lives follow the paths set for us? By others, too of flesh and blood. Just like us.

For those of us, restless. Who cannot conform, bend to anyone’s will. There is a variety of weapons to choose from. To fight our way through. Just to live our truth, create and follow our own path.

The most powerful of them all is always with us. Within us. It is the heart. And that is all we need. Because tearing your heart open for the world to see is your most powerful weapon. It creates waves that transcend time and space, and uplifts others to live their truth. It changes the world.

Follow your heart and let it speak. It may not be easy, but it is the most rewarding way to live. It is the source of true joy and happiness.