Mooseventures Of A Moosey Moose: The Moosetery Of Falling Balls

The Moose was laying on the sofa on a Saturday, or was it Sunday, moosernoon… Or wait… moosehaps it was moosevening already.

The Moose wears earrings, those types with screw-on balls, and he never has them randomly fall… well… didn’t. Until now.

While watching a random YouTube video or whatever, one of the balls suddenly popped off and flew on the TV table. Convenient.

The Moose picked it up with his hooves, attempting to screw it back on. And then it tumbled down into the abyss of the tiled floor. Fantastic!

Where did it go? Under the sofa? Under the TV table? He looked for it with no avail and gave up for the time being.

Days later, the Moose was at work when another ball just fell off. Once more, it conveniently fell onto his hooves.

This time he managed to screw it back on with success.

The first ball, however, remains to be found and its moosetery is still unsolved.

As is the reason behind the falling balls.

Published by

Lord Mooseling

His Holiness Lord Mooseling of The Order Of The Holy Moose. First of His Hoofprint, the Unfaltering, King of Meese, Furcon of Light, and Holy.

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