Moose Tries New Nomz: KFC Ghost Pepper Zinger Burger Combo

KFC Ghost Pepper Zinger Burger In A Box
© Mooseymares

Ghost pepper? What’s that? A spooky pepper? 🤔

One thing’s clear…. it’s spicy! Upon doing a little bit of Google research, the ghost pepper is in the sauce—Ghost Pepper Sauce.

While moosin’ by KFC, I’ve decided try out the new Ghost Pepper Zinger Burger Combo. Well… ok, it wasn’t just moosin’ by, I went there with a purpose, but the decision to get it was spontaneous.

Something I haven’t noticed at first… the bun is pink. It also includes some cucumbers and tortilla chips, probably mayo, plus the good old Zinger. Comes with a side of regular fries and a drink.

KFC Ghost Pepper Zinger Burger And Fries
© Mooseymares

The tortilla chips add some extra crunch and the cucumbers give a fresh relief from the Ghost Pepper Sauce, but otherwise… it’s just a Zinger with some minor face paint and new underwear.

The Ghost Pepper Sauce is supposed to be really spicy, or something. It wasn’t. At least, I didn’t find it to be THAT spicy as they claimed it to be. But I’m sure there will be people feeling like their mouths had been condemned to the fires of hell.

To me, it’s like a glorified chili sauce. All that sauce that comes in bottles, packets or dispensers… like ketchup or any other commercial sauce. Not a fan.

VERDICT: It wasn’t bad, but wasn’t anything great either.

That stuff would be so much better with sambal.

Note: I got these nomz from KFC Malaysia.

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