Mooseventures Of A Moosey Moose: The Moosetery Of Falling Balls SOLVED

Remember that ball that was never found? Bet you don’t because that was like last year or whatever. Ok, this year, but still.

The Moose tried to find it using the flashlight on his phone several times before he gave up.

Something told him that the missing ball would turn up eventually. And what do you know?

Nearly two weeks later after losing it, he noticed something shiny in a rather obvious and open space. It was the ball!

Right there. Unobstructed. And, of course, in a place where the Moose didn’t moosepect for it to have fallen.

But yeah… there we have it! The moosetery of the missing ball is now solved!

Though he still has to pick it up… It’s been… days!

WTF, Moose?

Okay… he’s doing it! *drum roll*

He’s picking it up! *dramatic moosic*

HE DID IT! *applause*

Published by

Lord Mooseling

His Holiness Lord Mooseling of The Order Of The Holy Moose. First of His Hoofprint, the Unfaltering, King of Meese, Furcon of Light, and Holy.

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