A Call To Action

For those of you who had suffered in silence for too long.
Taking every hit, every harsh word.
Keeping it all inside.
Allowing others to control who you are.
Chained by fear and guilt.
Blinded by love.
Finding ways to justify it all.
Feeling shame.

It’s okay.
It’s all right.
Speak up.
Let it all go.
But most importantly…

Get angry.

Feel the anger that pushes you forward.
The anger that gives strength to stand up.
The anger that pushes all fear aside and dries up your tears.
The anger that calls out that part of you – the fighter, the warrior.

Pledge to protect the hurt child inside you.
They deserve to finally feel safe and loved.
Let your heart be set ablaze with passion for life.
A life that you truly deserve.

Things are hardly simple and definitely not easy.
Those closest to us can claim to love us and yet hurt us the most.
They may give us all that we need and yet take away a part of us.
Or never give us anything but pain and suffering.

You did not ask for this.
You’ve done your best.
You just want to be you.
You deserve to be loved for everything that you are.
Let them know.

No more excuses.
No more taking it and suffering in silence.
No more mistreatment and disrespect.
No more.

You’re beautiful.
Strong and brave.
This life is yours.
Take it.
Be free.


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