Remember (,) Love

I had to learn the language of modern day men, so I could be seen and heard. I had to assimilate into their culture, so I could fit in. I had to suffer in silence, so I could survive. I had to take on the pain of others, so they could feel okay. Except they didn’t. They could not and cannot see what I see, what I feel, what I hear, what I know. They cannot remember. Not yet.

I felt alone. Different. Free from desire of the mundane reality before me, yet completely consumed by it. Unable to find what I was looking for, only to discover everything within me. I embarked on a journey to a faraway land, vastly different from what I’ve known before it. In this lifetime. With hope for a different life, I’ve traveled far only to be back where I started.

On my journey, I’ve met people from different cultures. People who followed different religions. I was an outsider, but I felt more at home than in my own lands. I believed that I had no place in my own home. That I had no home. And in these foreign lands I was welcomed with kindness. I didn’t want to leave. For a while. A time came where I was no longer comfortable and I felt a call from the northern woods. A call to return home and take my rightful place.

That beautiful chapter of growth and discovery had ended. And it gave me more than I had ever imagined or dreamed of. I started to remember who I was and what I was capable of. As I answered the call of the wild trees, a new chapter began. My journey was far from over. There was so much more to remember.

From clear waters, through the rocky beach and woods filled with pine trees, to the stone circle in a mountain valley. My spirit is home. I am claiming my power. I am claiming my land. Not to rule it. And if you remember, you will know what I mean. And for those who forgot…

You may never remember in this lifetime. But your soul will return. Over and over again. Until you do.

Fear, anger, pain, guilt, shame, resentment… Feel it. Let yourself feel it all and then let it go. There’s no need to keep it inside and burden yourself any longer.

Remember who you are. Remember where you came from. Remember your purpose. Remember your power.

Your mind may not understand it, but your soul knows.

Remember (,) love.


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