Through Eyes Of The Divine

The divine feminine came through in me. In ways that I used to see as shameful.
Dirty. Low. Unacceptable. Degrading.

I tried to erase it from within me. Hide it. Shun it. Reject it.
Be only masculine. But even that I had imagined the wrong way.

False beliefs were pushed onto me. This is society. So it is. By design.
I tried to free myself from a box only to try and squeeze into another.

But she could not be drowned. Silenced. Forgotten.
And she was not the same I once knew her as.

Without fear, shame, or guilt. She emerged and said to me…
“This is who you are. This is all of you. And every part of you is beautiful.”

So strong. Powerful. Free. She lives on within me.
By seeing her, I see him too. I see me. And I see you.


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