Stars Within Us

The things in our past mold us into who we are today. Sometimes in negative ways. Certain things can make us dim the stars glowing inside of our souls. We think the world won’t accept us and people won’t like the colors that we shine. We change our colors, we shut away our stars, we blend in, we fit in.

Many of us just go on with our lives with dim grey stars, often not realizing that we can shine bright and that we can do amazing things. Those who understand the flickering lights inside of them and the reasons for it can be considered lucky. They have the choice to let their stars glow. It is the choice to succumb and live with chains on their wrists or break them and enlighten even the darkest night.

It is not the stars in the sky to reach for, but to light up the Earth with your own glow and let others be blinded by your shine or be warmed up by it. Even if you are afraid of the dark, go straight into it and use the light of your stars to enlighten your path. Never walk past your dreams, but only into them. Don’t listen to the demons whispering from the shadows that you cannot do something, because you can. All you need to do is just go for it.

Let the stars within you shine.



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