Jedi Are Real

A long time ago, after watching all the Star Wars movies at the time, I have realized that we all are potential Jedi. We all can learn the ways of the force. It’s all inside of us.

I have been on a spiritual journey for a while and just then I have realized that my path and all the teachings I was indulging in were pretty much my Jedi training. Whatever I had learned and unleashed from within – potential, my abilities, my skills, my energy, the power of my soul – it’s all ultimately forged into my very own lightsaber. My lightsaber is my tool of great power to clear and enlighten my path to even higher levels, to evolve, to protect, to teach.

I have also realized how attractive and tempting the dark side can be. Each of us has it in us. In Star Wars the dark side is often referred to as a path of no return, but it’s possible to turn back. Instead, I find that the path of light is a path of no return. The things I’ve learned and experienced. Bathing in light and happiness. I cannot imagine any way that would make it possible for me to go back to the person I was before all of this.

If I were a Jedi Master Moose, I would wear white robes and carry a white lightsaber. Or should I say… When I am a Jedi Master. We all can be Jedi Masters. Go on. Be yourself. Be your best self. Learn, explore, grow. Forge your own lightsaber.

The force will always be with you.

It has always been.

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