Soul Deep

I am so incredibly beautiful.
I didn’t even realize this… for so long.
The vastness of my soul.
The immense power.

Shoved in a box.
Chained by fears and false beliefs.
Trapped in a body deemed imperfect by society’s beauty standards.
Made to feel less than.

Failing to see my strength.
The choice to take it all off.
Afraid to simply exist.
Not fitting the “norm”.

Seeking a deep connection.
Below the shallows.
Beyond the skies.
Behind mirrored reflections.

I have so much love to give.
But I know now I should give it all to myself first.
And stop forgetting who I am.
Trying to blend in as if I’m not a bright star.

I am the creator of my world.
The writer of my story.
The painter of my pictures.
The composer of my melody.

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