The Embrace

Sometimes the embrace of the darkness within you may feel so soothing when things go wrong and your dreams start cracking or shatter altogether. The call of the shadows may sound so tempting inviting you to step over the edge and fall into the pit. The idea of just descending into the darkness may seem so easy and you may just want to let go. Hold on no longer.

The light lets go of you for a while, but not completely. It doesn’t go far away. It’s standing right beside you touching you briefly from time to time as the darkness puts its arms around you and embraces you. Both are there to help you ease the pain, to help you go through whatever you are going through. To help you stand up once more and keep going. Once you look up again, you see the light and it helps you up.

There is danger in letting the darkness hold you too long and too tight, because you may fall into the pit where the light has difficulty reaching you. As you stand the light embraces you and you step forward with hope and belief that everything is going to be okay. The darkness lets go, but it doesn’t disappear and is always ready to embrace you when you need it again.

The light and the darkness. Both are always there for you. Both are always within you. Both need to have their place in your heart and soul. Both can work together. When you walk forward holding the hands of both and dance together through the winds of life, you will find balance and harmony.


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