I was watching a movie called Tomorrowland once. When it finally came to an end I’ve come to a realization. It hit me suddenly.

When people lose hope and when they give up, and when they forget their dreams and stop believing in themselves, then there is nothing else in the future, but an inevitable end of the world.

That’s what we see every day on the news and it’s a fact that there are raging wars and other unfortunate things tormenting our world.

The planet is dying!

That’s what we hear every day and what do many of us want to do? Not much. Just sit there and wait. Maybe there will be some excitement out of it? Like a zombie apocalypse. The world will end one day and we will all die anyway. Might as well sit back and watch the world burn.

What if I told you that Tomorrowland is possible? Peace is possible. A bright future is possible.

Sure, we won’t get along with everybody and we can’t please everybody. For now.

If all of us were taught different things than we are being taught now, we could grow tremendously as human beings and we could have peace. We could have a better world.

Someone who has found peace within their soul does not need to wage wars against others.

Call me idealistic. Delusional. Whatever else you want to call me. But I am a dreamer. Dreamers already live in Tomorrowland.

People who don’t give up and never lose hope are the ones who open the gates to a better future. They are the ones who are constantly changing the world. Just look around you.

And take a look at the mirror. Remember. You too are a dreamer.


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