Would You Tell Hitler You Love Him?

When I was writing this piece, I ended up at the gates of compassion, love and forgiveness. You might be wondering…

What part does Hitler play in all of this? Didn’t he do horrible things and bring so much pain and devastation to people and the world?

I have contemplated on my writing and how I have expected to see a very different person behind my old pieces. However, I have realized that the only difference between the person from back then who wrote those pieces and the person I am now are my beliefs. Like layers, I have peeled them off in the past years revealing more of my core. And then I have come to a question:

Do we really change or do we simply peel off the layers of social conditioning and all the other things that hid us away, and start blooming like a flower?

Ultimately at our core, we are not bad. We just get covered up with junk that stops us from being our authentic selves. We might do unkind things sometimes, but we are not evil. And when I remember forgiveness, I start to wonder…

Do unforgivable acts really exist? Is there anything unforgivable at all?

Even the most atrocious, cruel and evil act can be forgiven by a truly loving soul. A soul in a state of unconditional love. That true and pure love for yourself, everything and everyone around you. The love of all that is.

After all this contemplation and several realizations, I’ve arrived at the doorstep of Adolf Hitler.

Despite all that he’s done (and imagine that you are a survivor of that time, that you’ve been in one of the camps and have endured unimaginable things, and that he is still alive) could you go to him, hug him, and say that you love him and forgive him and that it’s okay?

And if he’d come for you again, you’d fight with all you’ve got, just not for revenge and not from your own pain or anger, but to simply protect yourself. If need be, this time let his eyes close for good, but with love and compassion.

From here you can maybe already imagine the power a true unconditional love harbors. (If this example doesn’t work for you, imagine the person who has hurt you the most in your life.)

I don’t mean that what he’s done is okay. I don’t even mean that you should actually go and forgive someone in person or even let them know that you did at all. Just look at all those people who do bad things, who hurt others, who hurt you.

Look at them. Watch them. Observe them. Can’t you see?

All those layers. All that pain. All those disempowering beliefs.

Once you truly start seeing what’s behind all of those actions and masks that people wear, you will notice that you are no longer afraid of them or affected by them. That doesn’t make people less dangerous if they actually intend to do harm, but you will gain clarity and be able to prevent anyone from harming you on many levels.

By stepping into a state of being where all you see is love, you can be compassionate, you can forgive anything, you can see the beautiful cores hidden under the layers of pain, feeling not enough and many other disempowering beliefs.

Freedom is in love and so is power. True power.


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