Background Noise

So much fear and hatred in people’s hearts.
They should be pitied, no?
But I feel no pity.

Entire societies and systems have been created.
Just to oppress, control and even erase others.
Just what are they are afraid of?

Their lives…
So little.
So meaningless.
So blind…

They’re all just like dust.
A background noise.
Angry voices in the dark.

My soul knows love and kindness.
My mind understands.
But I sometimes feel angry.

These small-minded people…
So incredibly weak…
Yet, unfortunately…
Powerful enough to cause pain and destruction.

They have no right to the joy and happiness of others.
Not for them to decide, give, or take.
But they keep doing it anyway…

Everyone deserves to be who they are.
Freely, without judgement.
To simply exist without fear.


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