My Time To Rule

I knew you knew you were in trouble when you first saw me.
But it was easier to act like it’s just another round in your game.
Like I’m just another toy in your collection.
I know I let my mind go wild and maybe I got a little obsessed.
You’re the king; a magnetic pull I could not resist.
Oh, but I remember that I too am a royalty, and one of a kind.
You’d love to have a taste, but you’re trying to resist.
The game just feels too good.
But I don’t want to play too long without the grand reveal.
Waiting is dangerous.
I feel my power rising and I know I can have what I want.
You’re not the only one who’d love to be in my presence.
I might need just one, only one.
But I don’t have to limit myself.
It’s my time to rule.

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