Big Bad Wolf

I want to save you from the big bad wolf.
And maybe I could.
But I can’t save you from yourself.

He’s coming.
He’s coming for you.
There’s nothing you can do.

You could come to me.
Take my hand.
I’d take you to a safe place.

Teach you to see your worth.
Show you what true love is.
And how beautiful and strong you are.

But you’re too smitten.
He’s in control.
Of your body, heart and soul.

All I can do is watch.
Walk away.
Leave you.

He knows I’m there.
Doesn’t mind my gaze.
He’d love to eat me too.

I feel the allure.
It’s so strong.
But so am I.

I allow to be taken, and I do not.
Because, believe it or not.
It’s truly my rules.

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