You Are (,) My Love

Do not downplay your strength.
Look back.
Look at how far you’ve come.
I know.
For someone as strong as you.
All of this.
Feels like nothing.
But if you look at yourself.
Through different eyes.
From afar.

The mountains you’ve climbed.
Stormy waters you’ve braved.
Darkest caves you’ve explored.
You dove so deep into the ocean.
Walked through the thickest woods.
Survived and endured so much.

It’s not nothing.
It’s everything.
All that you’re made of.
More is yet to come.
No one knows what.
But they know.
And so should you.
You’re incredible.
So it doesn’t matter what happens.

There’s not a thing in the world.
Not one.
To stop you.
To crush you.
To bring you down.
Not permanently.
Even if that happens.
You will stand up again.
Just how strong are you.
How beautiful.
You are (,) my love.

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