Showing Up For Myself

Being myself feels like a quest of a lifetime.

Loving myself.
Staying true to myself.
Showing up for myself.
Standing up for myself.

It’s one of the hardest things to do—shining my own light in a world that keeps trying to shove me into a box and close it tight. I may not stand out. I may not be myself. Being me is wrong. My whole existence is wrong. Not normal.

I’ve failed so many times. I didn’t stand up for myself. I did not speak up. I’ve been afraid. I still am at times.

And that’s okay.

I’m learning. I’ve never loved myself like this before.

I often fail to look back and recognize how far I’ve come. Despite the fear and hesitation. I did do a lot of things to make sure that my light doesn’t fade into the grey thick fog or gets boxed up forever.

I am brave.

I am incredibly grateful for all the blessings in my life and all the people I’ve met who showed me kindness and provided support. On this journey of mine.

I am so powerful.

I couldn’t see it before. So strong and powerful that it’s almost hard to believe. A side of me that has been locked away inside me. Crucial to make me whole. Now becoming free.

Exploring the depths of me.
So incredibly beautiful.

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