Oh, how beautiful you are…
My King.
Awake from your slumber…
You rise to rule.
With love and justice…
Glory you bring to us all.
Inspire the forsaken.
Wipe tears of the broken.
Your smile enlightens the Earth.
That brave heart of yours…
Freed us from our chains.
Your tears wash away our pain.
Healing wounds of the past.
Future is now ours.
Never shall we bow again.
False gods crumble before you.
The time has come…
Never again will we hide in the shadows.
With you we soar.
By your side we stand.
In the light.
Your power has no match.
The throne is yours.
Crowned before your birth.
It was always meant to be.
An eternal soul.
You showed us…
We are strong.
We are free.


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