Free As I Let Go

I wanted things to happen sooner…
Faster. Quicker. Now.
And hearing the message of patience…
It made my eyes roll.

Again you tell me to wait.
How much longer can I wait?
So many years…
Just wait, wait, and wait!

The pain of waiting wasn’t nice.
But I couldn’t stop waiting.
Fortunately, I wasn’t just waiting.
I kept going forward, doing things.

There are still many things I want.
Things to achieve, to do.
Or are there?
Needless to say, it’s not a must.

I’m still waiting, and yet I’m not.
I have plans, wishes, dreams.
But instead…
I feel like taking it slow.

Results are evident.
Inside and out.
A lot of things are easier now.
Worries are fading away.

It feels like I don’t need patience anymore.
I’m enjoying what is becoming of me.
I watch myself transform.
With wonder.

I’m excited to see what’s next.
I find joy all around me.
And within me.
This is it.

I’m becoming free as I let go.
And I’m gaining more than ever.
I now know who I was always meant to be.
The wait is over.

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