A while ago I felt him awaken within me.
For the longest time, he slept.
Caged and chained.
He’s free now, I thought.
I’ve let him go, but I still put a leash on him.
I guess, I was afraid to let him roam.
Completely free to go anywhere he wants.
Do whatever he wants.
Oh, and he’s got no fear.
Thoughts and opinions of others mean nothing.
He’s freedom itself.
One I’ve desired for so, so long.
I’ve come to love him.
Stronger and deeper with time.
He has no concept of perfection.
Or ownership.
He’s got the courage to take what he wants and needs.
But he doesn’t need to be brave.
He doesn’t need to be anything.
He just is.
Thus, he can have it all.
He has it all.
Judgement haunts me, but is nothing to him.
My beliefs stop me.
While he believes in nothing.
He doesn’t need to.
So what happens if I truly let go?
I know that a lot of amazing things will come.
But it’s a special feeling that pushes me forward.
I feel him rise.
As he does, so do I.
A feeling so strong.
So extremely powerful.
Like a broken dam that can no longer hold the flow of a river.
My thoughts, fears, anxiety.
The way I judge myself.
My desire to be good, so I can be seen as good by others.
Be loved by others.
It’s all just broken pieces of what I thought I should be.
No longer capable of stopping who I am.
It’s time to level up.
I no longer fit in this box.
Never was supposed to.
It’s not easy.
Even painful at times.
But it’s just so damn incredible.
To feel this power.
To know I’m more than I ever thought I could be.
His leash.
It must go.
Let it flow.


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