Some people don’t like it when you rise to the top.
They cannot stand that you’re successful.
And so I’ve learned…
Not to be afraid of being an asshole.
Whether on purpose or not.
To someone, somewhere, you will always be one.
Some people can’t stand it when you resist.
They cannot deal with the fact you’re not taking it like a champ when they’re beating you down.
And they only see what they want to see.
Through their own pain and suffering.
Their level of understanding and beliefs.
As much as anyone would love to make someone else see things differently, it might just be impossible.
And so you must live with that.
Deal with it.
When you have the tools to handle it, you can come through the other side even better.
As we seek love and acceptance, this may be no easy task.
To accept that sometimes we won’t be loved and accepted.
And to love…
First and foremost.

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