A town I used to call home.
Somehow feels so foreign now.
And my parents’ house…
It just feels tired now.
No longer cozy.
And it’s as if everything’s familiar…
But there’s no feeling of nostalgia.
A tiny piece inside me feels betrayal.
Even more so, now I want to say…
It’s not home.
It’s not my home.
Even if I used to love it so much as a kid.
Now I just feel like a guest.
A guest who’s been there many times before.
And this was just another visit.
That child from long ago wonders…
How can I do this?
Leave nothing?
Not a single piece of my heart?
How can I feel like this?
How can it be?
But not to me.
Not to who I am today.
I just want to…
With love.
To let it go.
All of it.


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