Mooseventures Of A Moosey Moose: Water Apocalypse Part 3

Day 2 Of The Water Apocalypse

Another day has dawned. Surely there might be some issues with water now. A lot of people must be using it in the building. Except there weren’t any issues. The water was running just fine. That’s a good thing, right?

At work, the Moose also moosepected some issues. There are plenty of people in that building. But, just like at home, the water supply was still normal.

Moosehaps today things will still be okay and the issues will come later. Maybe those water tanks are just damn huge. The Moose was still prepared with all the buckets and pots. After all, they said this would last 3 days.

The day was just like any other day. Work and stuff. Somewhere near the end of office hours an announcement popped up.

It was over.

The Water Apocalypse has ended. And it wasn’t anything the Moose had moosepected. In fact, there was no water apocalypse at all. Not for the Moose at least.

It rained that evening.

The Moose saw the rain drops hit the ground and glitter in the city lights. And what do you know?

The cars have stopped at the intersection, making it easy for the Moose to cross the road.

What sorcery is this?

Oh! The traffic light was finally working again.


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