Ocean Of Life

Life goes forward.
Rolls down upon the shores like an ocean wave.
Sometimes gently, sometimes with force.
And when you are caught in a current,
It either sucks you in or spits you out.
Sometimes it will be a good thing, sometimes not so much.
But how many people will you lose during this adventure?
Some will cling to you and some will let you go.
Or even worse—some will get rid of you, mercilessly.
But all of them will leave something behind inside of you.
It can be a warm memory, a feeling, a painful wound, or a scar.
And you will do the same.


It’s heavy to carry, this pain.
Clutching the body.
Breathing provides only little relief.
And there’s nothing to be done.
Just wait.

It’s hopeless at the time.
Mission impossible, it seems.
Nothing to hold onto.
No one to turn to, to take it all away.
Just breathe.

It’s daunting, totally haunting.
Engulfing in shadows.
Hiding away, not to be seen.
The light hurts the eyes, but it’s also warm.
Just feel.

My Darkness

My darkness calls out to me once more.

Nonthreatening, it reaches out to me.

Come back to me.

Engulfing all I know with the darkest shadows of my soul.

I raise my eyes from the map I’ve been following and look around.

This is it.

Embracing me.

This is not the way I am supposed to go.

It’s set ablaze.

Turned into ashes.

So foreign.

The road is left behind.

Death comes.

I fade to black.

I take its hand.

We are one again.


I’ve been afraid for so long.

Hiding away.

So many worries and fears had surrounded me.

Scary thoughts still creep up on me.

But I feel a calm like never before.

I just know I can never have it all.

Unless I step into the light.

Leave the shadows behind me.

Many of these fears weren’t even mine.

Like restless spirits, they’ve been haunting those around me.

I am letting them go.

They can no longer hold onto me.

We will meet again with some of them.

And new ones may show up in my life.

But I want to remember, always.

I came fearless into this world.

It’s Time

He who sleeps inside.
The eyes have opened.

Let me out, let me go.

He who slept inside.
Knocking on the door.

Let me out, let me go.

He who opened his eyes.
It is time to run now.

Let me out, let me go.

He who is suffocating.
The lungs are starving for fresh air.

Let me out, let me go.

He who cries at night.
It has been too long.

Let me out, let me go.

He who existed silently.
This life is worth living.

Let me out, let me go.

He who is breaking free.
It is time to fly.

Let him out, let him go.


I didn’t ask for anyone to lead me, but so many felt like they needed to.
I never wanted anyone to hold my hand and guide me, but yet someone still felt the need to drag me their way.
Those boulders on my path were never really that scary, but the voices around me told otherwise.
Holding hands high, they were praying to a god I stopped believing in so long ago.
I never wanted to be ruled, but they tried anyway.
I only wanted to be free, but I allowed their chains to wrap around my body and soul.
Lost in an illusion that I couldn’t let go.
When I snapped my chains, I put a crown on my head unknowingly.
Who could’ve thought that I was a royalty.

Magical Afternoon

He played the piano as I laid on the sofa, reading a book.
The sun was peeking into the room through tall, arched windows.
The wind was gently moving the curtains.
A patterned carpet covered the old wooden floor.
The fireplace sat still.

My thoughts drifted away into a cabin in the woods.
Playing the piano with open doors.
Forest creatures gathering to listen to it.
Almost like in a fairy tale.
Fingers dancing on the keys.
Playing the piano was I.

I opened my eyes to look through the windows.
Green, lush trees swayed in the wind.
Watching him and myself was I.
From another corner of the room.

Such a beautiful melody.
Singing to my soul.
He was playing the piano.
He was I.