Moose Tries New Slurps: Arizona Black And White Iced Tea With Ginseng And Honey

Arizona Black And White Iced Tea With Ginseng And Honey With A Gramophone Speaker Next To It
© Mooseymares

After eating all the tasty nomz, a Moose needs some slurps too! This time on the menu—Arizona Black & White Iced Tea with Ginseng & Honey.

I enjoy tea. Iced tea especially. And this one? It’s alright. Not bad, but also nothing too exceptional.

It’s a little tricky to describe what exactly it tastes like, other than… tea. It tastes like tea. If you find that unhelpful, well… get one to slurp for yourself!

Mind you, it’s around 5 in the local currency here. But it’s a big can, so it’s okay. Quite worth it.

VERDICT: Taste is alright, but I personally find that there are better flavors from the same brand.

Note: Bought at Village Grocer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.