Moose Tries New Nomz: Ritter Sport Strawberry Yogurt And Milk Chocolate With Whole Hazelnuts

Ritter Sport Strawberry Yogurt And Milk Chocolate With Whole Hazelnuts
© Mooseymares

Ritter Sport Strawberry Yogurt

It was just like I remember… that type of chocolate. One of my favorites.

Creamy strawberry yogurt flavor with sweet yet sour pieces of strawberries. All covered with delicious milk chocolate.

Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate With Whole Hazelnuts

This type of chocolate has always been my moose favorite!

Tasty milk chocolate and hazelnuts… crunching between my teeth as I bite into it…


VERDICT: Absolutely delicious chocolate! I recommend both!

Note: Bought at Village Grocer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Moose Tries New Nomz: Boss Salted Egg Chips

Boss Salted Egg Chips
© Mooseymares

Would you look at that! Salted egg chips! I would say this flavor is a Malaysian favorite.

I’ve seen these chips around for a while now, but honestly? The price spooked me away from buying them. They’re around a whopping 25 ringgit!

How many plates of nasi goreng or ayam kynuit can you get for that? MHM!

I’ve finally bought them just for the sake of trying them out. And I certainly had some moosepectations!

Looking nice and fancy on the pack, but once you open it…

Boss Salted Egg Chips
© Mooseymares

That’s not the same fancy and thick shape like on the package!

And the taste? It’s good! Fortunately!

VERDICT: Tasty nomz you can enjoy. Your wallet? Not so much. Unless you’re a high roller and care not for the puny price of these chips.

Note: Bought at Village Grocer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Moose Tries New Nomz: Haribo Supermix

Haribo Supermix Gummy Candy
© Mooseymares

On my way home, I’ve stopped by the supermarket to buy something. Don’t remember what it was, but I also found mooseself in the sweets section.

I’ve noticed some new Haribo gummies that I haven’t tried before, so I decided to go for it!

As the title says, it’s a Supermix—a mix of different gummies. Different colors, shapes, flavors and consistency.

I saw the shapes of bottles, sheep, some weird humanoid thingy and ice cream. I thought the sheep were grapes at first. I guess it’s the fluff.

The bottles were all white, soft and had a creamy taste. The humanoid thingies were more hard and in a few different flavors. Both sheep and ice cream shaped gummies were a mix of white, soft creamy taste at the back and different flavored soft gummy consistency at the front.

On the back of pack, they call the bottles smooth, ice cream and sheep are creamy, and the humanoid thingies are squishy. *shrugs*

I suppose I agree with those descriptions as well.

VERDICT: It’s nice, but there are much tastier options out there.

Note: Bought at Village Grocer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Moose Tries New Nomz: Subway Cheese Melt Sub

Subway Cheese Melt Sub Sandwich And Coke
© Mooseymares

I was out on a weekend for whatever reason, and I was hungry. I felt like having some Subway!

Normally, I like to order roasted chicken, but I noticed some new thing on the menu—Cheese Melt Sub (which is also chicken, but with cheese)!

Looked tasty and cheesy and all… so I ordered it with my usual choices: lettuce, cucumber, pickles, onion, mayonnaise and ranch. And I got mooseself a coke. Felt like having something cold and bubbly.

After a battle with the drink machine that had ice stuck in it, I sat down to feast on this delicious looking sub sandwich! (Thanks to the Subway lady for getting the ice out so I could enjoy my slurps.)

Subway Cheese Melt Sub Sandwich
© Mooseymares

And delicious it was!

VERDICT: Definitely go for this one next time you’re at Subway! Apparently, it’s there for a limited time too.

Note: I feasted on this at Subway Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur.

Moose Tries New Nomz: Getting Stuff’d

Let me tell you first hoof, this isn’t word play or a pun. That’s what the place is called—stuff’d—mexican. turkish. delicious. (their tagline). And as you can see below, I’ve got mooseself a kebab with a message.

Chicken Kebab With A Quote On It
© Mooseymares

The first bite? Nothing too special. But as I kept chomping my way down that chicken kebab, it got damn delicious very quickly! The chicken was good, veggies were nice (even that tomato, and I don’t normally like eating tomatoes), the mayo… YUM!

Chicken Kebab
© Mooseymares

Apart from kebabs, they’ve got tacos, burritos, quesadillas and such. You can choose whether you want chicken or beef, different types of sauces and veggies, etc.

VERDICT: I’m coming back there for more! And you should too!

Note: I’ve bought this at the newly opened stuff’d outlet at NU Sentral (or KL Sentral, or the bridge in between those two, whatever you wanna call it!), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Moose Tries New Nomz: Cadbury Bubbly

© Mooseymares

Something new appeared on the shelves at the nearby supermarket. I love chocolate so I had to buy that. Not to mention Cadbury is one of the best chocolate you can get around here that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and doesn’t taste like skunk fart.

© Mooseymares

The shape looks kind of like a cloud. Or bubbles. That’s why it’s ‘Bubbly’, get it? It’s also nicely wrapped in some shiny paper thingy and some white regular paper thingy. One of which you can see in the image above.

© Mooseymares

And inside, it’s bubbles once more. Bubbly inside and out. It’s also heavier than any other chocolate I’ve tried of this type. And really chocolatey. What more can you ask for? Well, I could think of a list, but you get the point!

VERDICT: Tasty nomz you should definitely buy!

Note: I bought this at Village Grocer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Mooseventures Of A Moosey Moose: Water Apocalypse Part 2

Day 1 Of The Water Apocalypse

Several snooze button slaps later, the Moose managed to roll out of bed and get ready for work. The water was still running as usual, just as moosepected.

The Moose was soon on his way to work. The day started fine and most of it went well, except for the increased heat throughout the building for water saving purposes (turning down the AC). And lunch time.

There were no plates provided at the food basement, which the Moose loves to frequent for the tasty nomz they sell down there.

No shady business, just nomz! Really tasty nomz.

Instead, everyone was given food containers that are meant for one-time use and can be just thrown away.

When evening came, the Moose was looking forward to getting some tasty nomz for dinner. He wasn’t planning to cook and bother with dishes in these dire times!

His trip home, however, was filled with strange events. The train was stopping longer and moving much slower than usual. And the last station was way closer than normal.

Nobody explained why or what was going on, but that wasn’t a big problem for the Moose as he was getting off just a couple of stations away.

Once off, he passed by a bathroom that was taped shut with red tape and signs of no entry.

The Moose wondered what the hell happened there, but concluded that moosehaps shit went down (or not) due to the water disruption.

And while the announcements of train delays were ringing through the speakers, it was sending a pre-apocalyptic vibe indeed.

That’s how most zombie movies start anymoose.

The dinner went by without any strange incidents. It was delicious and plenty! In actual plates too!

Afterwards, the Moose wandered around the mall for a bit and, of course, bought something he absolutely did not need. It was very nice though, so that’s that.

It was time to head home and get on another train again. Everything seemed normal with this one, until it arrived and stopped suddenly. The door stayed shut.

Soon it moved again. With the other passengers still inside and leaving the Moose and the rest of the public standing there like WTF?

Guess those people didn’t need to go wherever they were going anymoose.

Another completely empty train arrived, and to everyone’s disappointment, it went by without stopping. Another 5-minute wait right there!

Finally, the Moose was on the next train home. But he was not taking any chances and was ready to grab onto something any second!

The last thing he wanted was to be flying across the train with his hooves in the air. Anything was possible at this point!

Fortunately, all went well and the Moose safely reached his destination. And the best part? The water was still running normally at home!

Bless those mooseterious water tanks somewhere in the building that allow for such miracles to happen.

But screw whoever lives above the Moose! Stomping like some giant fat skunk all the time.

Anymoose… The Mooseventures continue.

As the 2nd day of The Water Apocalypse approached… the Moose was ready. With all the pots and buckets filled up.


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Mooseventures Of A Moosey Moose: Water Apocalypse Part 1

Water Apocalypse Eve

It was less than two days since a troubling announcement reached the Moose’s eyes. So once work was over, he rushed home to prepare for what he would learn to know as… The Water Apocalypse.

On the way home, the Moose was almoose sent flying when the train stopped abruptly. An apology echoed through the speakers, but nothing else was explained. The train started moving again shortly after and the Moose eventually reached his apartment without any further incidents. Of course, he stopped by the supermarket to grab some tasty nomz and drinking water before that.

After a filling dinner and a delicious donut for dessert, the Moose fired up a movie on Mooseflix and began to wash the dishes. He’ll need all the empty pots so he can fill it up with water. He’ll need lots of water! But not before he dramatically superzoomed the giant popcorn bag on his kitchen bar counter and posted it on his Moosetagram stories.

Like 10 buckets, pots, jars, etc. later, the Moose was ready to face the treacherous events of the days to come. He went to sleep late that night, but nevertheless, without a worry in his moosey mind.

Sweet Mooseymares, Mr. Moose!

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